Savannah Dog is a big fan of dog parks. She loves to run, to romp with other dogs and to jump face first into giant mud puddles. She’s also a huge fan of running off leash with her people. So, it’s really no surprise that after visiting the Chatfield State Park Dog Park, she’s rated it as the best dog park in Denver.

Dog Park Permit at Chatfield State park

You can pick the $2 permit up at the front gate. It’s good for one dog handler and up to three dogs.

This dog park is more than just a dog park, it’s a fenced in dog trail that offers paved and dirt paths, big ponds, mud puddles, trees, bushes, flowers and pretty much everything and anything a dog loves. It’s well maintained and there are fountains, bathrooms and trash cans onsite. There is a $2 maintenance fee but it’s well worth it. This minimum fee keeps the grounds clean and seems to weed out the irresponsible dog owners.

Best Dog Park in Denver

Our favorite part was that there are miles of trails through out the dog park, separated by hills, trees and bushes. So instead of taking Savannah to a big field where she could romp with other dogs, we went on an off leash hike with her and she got to socialize with dogs, while also exploring the park all by herself. Can you say permanent dog smile?

This was also a great opportunity for us to practice her recall. As soon as we entered the park, we pulled out a cheese stick and as she ran around, we’d occasionally call her back and cheese her. Then off she’d go again, wagging her tail like life couldn’t possibly get any better.

To view the Chatfield State Park Dog Park’s official page, click here.

Chatfield State Park Dog Park Pond

Savannah making new friends and playing by the lake. It’s fairly shallow at the edges, which was great since she’d afraid of swimming.

Two dogs at the Best Dog Park in Denver , the Chatfield Dog Park

Savannah loves cattle dogs, and this sweetie was more than happy to chase her around!

Black mouth Cur at the Chatfield State Park Dog Park

We made it back to the car just before a downpour. I’m going to call this a successful trip to the dog park!

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