Memorial Day Weekend Getaway with Black Mouth Cur

Are we there yet?

Over Memorial Day, Christian and I decided to jump into the adventure van with Savannah and just drive. We knew we’d eventually end up in Moab, but from there, we weren’t sure where we’d go or what we’d do. We brought along our¬†camping, climbing and hiking gear, prepared for most of what Colorado and Utah has to offer. It was a pretty awesome Memorial Day Weekend Getaway!

We started off very early on day one, heading through the mountains traffic free. We made it as far as Utah before getting distracted. To be far, Colorado has a lot of awesome places to stop on the way, we’ve just stopped at many of them already. We decided to take the “scenic” route into Moab from i-70 west. You just exit at exit #214 and drive¬†down Utah 128 into Moab.

On the way, we passed a twice abandoned railroad town called Cisco Landing. We walked around an explored for about an hour, looking at collapsing buildings and belongings that were left behind a long time ago. It’s definitely worth a stop if you’re road tripping through the area.

Cisco Landing - Memorial Day Weekend Getaway

Some of the buildings that are falling down + a few abandoned cars.

Then we continued on our way to Big Bend Climbing Area. We’d never been there before but thought it was really fun. It was also really hot though, at 100 degrees, so we can’t wait to check it out when it’s a bit cooler.

Big Bend Climbing Area - Memorial Day Weekend Getaway

Beautiful red sandstone in an even more beautiful canyon.

We finished up day one by driving through Kane Creek Canyon. We’d driven through Kane Creek one night when we were looking for camping, however we hadn’t seen it in the daylight. It did not disappoint.

Kane Creek about an hour before sunset.

Kane Creek about an hour before sunset.

On day two, we decided to head to Rifle, Colorado for some climbing and exploring. We, of course, stopped at the Moab sand dune on the way to tire out Savannah dog.

Moab Sand Dune - Memorial Day Weekend Getaway

I’d call that a success, wouldn’t you?

Unfortunately, weather didn’t really cooperate so we didn’t get much climbing in. We did however get to meet Wesley, another black mouth cur mix. Can you see the resemblance?

Black Mouth Cur at Rifle, Colorado

Wesley the black mouth cur.

Dog friendly road trip from DenverSo instead, we went for a waterfall hike in Rifle Falls State Park. It’s a short hike, maybe a mile total, but delivered amazing views of the only triple waterfall in Colorado. It was cool to see a different side of Rifle.

After finishing up there, we headed back to Colorado, where we spent day three hiking the Eldorado Canyon Trail.

It’s a seven mile hike with awesome views of the continental divide and Eldorado Canyon State Park. We started early to avoid the afternoon thunderstorms and practically had the trail to ourselves!

Family photo at Rifle Falls State Park

Family photo at the waterfall!

Overall, I’d say we had a pretty successful Memorial Day weekend.

Total Tally: One ghost town, one new climbing area, one new state park, two new hikes.

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