6 Travel Podcasts You Shouldn’t Road Trip Without!

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As road tripping experts, we spend a lot of time out on the highway. While this means we have a lot of exploring opportunities, you can only drive through Kansas so many times before turning on the radio and zoning. Except there’s not much on the radio out there either. So after a few LOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNG trips, Christian and I discovered podcasts and we haven’t looked back.  We listen to a variety of podcasts and have subscribed to everything from This American Life to Freakanomics to Can I Pet Your Dog, but our favorites are podcasts that encourage a nomadic lifestyle and provide us with useful information on how we can retire as soon as possible.

6 Travel Podcasts That You Should’t Road Trip Without:

The Dirtag Diries 

My personal favorite, centered around adventurous types who explore the world via climbing, biking, hiking or just going on crazy adventures. This is my get pumped up before an awesome trip podcast. Sooo good!

Abroad Life 

Abroad Life is a podcast centered around people who took the leap we all wish we could. They packed up and started embracing their wanderlust. This podcasts shares their inspirational stories and their tips for following in their footsteps.

Extra Pack of Peanuts 

Inspiring the world by teaching listeners how to travel more while spending less. They share lots of travel tips and hidden gems from their travel endeavors in this fun, upbeat podcast.

The Budget Minded Traveler 

A top 10 travel podcast according to USA today. This podcast is all about travel tips and tricks for budget friendly traveling.

Keep Your Daydream 

A podcast about people who decided to leave a normal life behind and chase what the rest of us call a “daydream”. I find this podcast super inspirational and educational.

As Told By Nomads

A podcast dedicated to global nomads who are making their mark on the world. It focuses on successful business owners and entrepreneurs who are making a difference while chasing the travel dream.

Did we leave out one of your favorite travel podcasts? Let us know about it in the comment section below!


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