Meet Savannah and Stitch, our two Black Mouth Cur Mixes. What’s a Black Mouth Cur you ask? The Best.Dog.Ever. 

But in case you don’t believe me, I consulted Wiki for you.

Black Mouth Curs are a mix between a coonhound and a large terror. Read: A mix between a hunting and herding dog. They are very sensitive, smart and energetic. They don’t respond well to anger, and need consistent guidance. Read: Always challenging and not great for a first time dog owner. They need several hours of exercise daily to avoid anxiety and depression. Read: You can run them 3 miles a day and they’ll still want to romp. They’re also territorial. Read: Do not try to break into our home, or car. Even if they seemed like they liked you before. It’s a bad idea. 

Essentially, they’re adorable, energetic, fun loving dogs who can hike all day and then still keep you company at the camp fire. What more could you want?

Both of our babies are rescues. Both are very sweet and cuddly. Both are very smart and have managed to outsmart us numerous times. They’re very expressive, and therefor very photogenic. They’re both amazing and we love having them tag along on our adventures

I’ll let them tell you the rest though. 

Savannah the adventure dog

Hi, I’m Savannah, The Adventure Dog!

I was born in Savannah, GA. Before the age of one, I had a litter of puppies, was left to fend for myself on the streets and was heart worm positive. I was desperate for the love of a human companion and was running around a gas station looking for one when mom and dad showed up. I wasn’t sure about them at first, but quickly became comfortable in the back seat of the car. Mom looked at me with loving eyes, and gave me soft pets, so I started to like her immediately. It took dad a little longer to warm up to me. After mom and dad picked me up, they took me to the beach where I got to play in the ocean, then we road tripped for two weeks before coming to Colorado, which would be my home. Mom and Dad take me hiking all the time, and take me to training. I’m a very anxious dog and I’m afraid of other dogs. I use to really like them, but a mean man who called himself a dog trainer hurt me when I tried to approach other dogs. Then a few other dogs attacked me when I was out rock climbing. Now, I really WANT to say hello to other dogs, but I know I shouldn’t, because once we get too close, I get really excited and then I get scared. Mom and Dad have worked hard at finding me friends to play with though, and so I still get to socialize and play with other dogs. They were even so nice to find the PERFECT dog to be my brother. He’s still young, so he’s a little annoying, but we like the same toys, and he sleeps curled up next to me, and he even likes to bark at the UPS guy just like I do. My favorite part about my life is that I get to go to beautiful places. I love to sit on the edge of a cliff and stare out at the view. I also love sun bathing, and meeting new people everywhere I go!

Stitch First Day of Training 030

Hi, I’m Stitch, The Summit Dog!

I was born in Oklahoma. I’m just a puppy, but was living on the streets before I was 12 weeks old. I was caught roaming the streets with other puppies my age by animal control and brought to a shelter, where I was put into foster care. No one adopted me though, so then I came to Colorado on a scary truck and Mom and Dad fostered me. I made sure to be a good puppy when I arrived. I was scared and anxious, but made sure to be nice to Savannah Dog. I made sure to cuddle with her and every one else, walk nicely on a leash and I payed very close attention when we trained, so that they could see how smart I was. I have severe separation anxiety, and am afraid of new things like people and sounds, so I bark a lot. But Mom and Dad loved me so much, they decided to keep me anyways. Once they did that, I realized they’d love me no matter what, and I decided I could just let my crazy fly. Because of this, mom makes me wear a bow tie. She says it’s to remind her of how cute I am when I turn into a Stitch Monster. Dad just smiles and nods. Anyways, I am so excited to be part of this family. So far we’ve gone on two big road trips and I have had so much fun. I also get to go to dog trainer twice a week, so I’m learning a ton of new things and making new dog friends. My favorite part about my life is getting to roll in grass all over the country, and curling up next to my sister to take a nap. I also like chasing my family cats, but Mom and Dad tell me I’m not supposed to do that. I’m trying, but it’s hard, because I’m just a puppy.